4 Smart Ways to Make a Small Apartment Appear Bigger

You live in a studio apartment, or share a two-bedroomed house with a few of your friends.

The space appears small, and the only option you believe you have is to gather your resources together and move out.

But wait…

Before you hastily make this decision, you need to know that you can make the rooms in your small apartment look bigger.

Crazy, right?

Well, before you dismiss this as crazy and practically impossible, try the following strategies and be the judge!

#1 Decorate the rooms with light colours

With basic understanding of science, you can certainly make the small apartment look bigger.

Here is the simple theory you should follow – light colours reflect light while dark ones absorb it. Therefore, when decorating your small rooms, ensure you choose light colours over dark ones.

The bright colour you select will bounce the light around the space, and make your guests perceive it as more roomy.

To enhance this further, make sure you use light area rugs, furniture curtains and art. However, you can slightly add shades of dark colour to boost the curb appeal where need be.

#2 Go transparent

Going transparent is another strategy that can help a small space appear bigger. Therefore, instead of buying that black leather couch that appeared beautiful in the store, why don’t you invest in transparent furniture?

Things like glass tables and transparent plastic furniture move light around the small apartment, which gives an impression of a larger space.

Additionally, we cannot overlook the fact that transparent furniture is vogue in the 21st century. Therefore, having them in your small apartment will go a long way in converting it into an ultra-modern living space.

#3 Add mirrors

Its common sense – mirrors reflect light.

Therefore, when you install mirrors on all corners of your small apartment, they will make it feel more spacious.

However, as you place your mirrors, make sure you have them in the right places, so that you don’t compromise your privacy or have a lot of sun into your space.

Also, you can get creative with mirrors, in a bid to achieve the best in terms of curb appeal. Hanging framed mirrors on walls is great, but what could you imagine having glass furniture instead? What about having tall, standing mirrors strategically positioned in the room? They might fill your space with light better than framed ones. Don’t you think?

#4 Hang shelves near the ceiling

The best way to decorate a small room and make it feel more spacious is to add décor in a way that draws eyes upwards.

This way, the room feels taller, and gives an impression of more space. For instance, instead of positioning your shelves in the middle of the walls, you can try placing them near the ceiling.

Even though getting your items from high placed shelves can be a challenge, this is one strategy that will help you achieve the spacious room you have always wanted. However, don’t use such shelves to place things you use every day. Place books and magazines you don’t use, or decorative vases.

Your small apartment doesn’t have to feel cramped. With the above tips, your living space will certainly start feeling expansive. All the best as you try them out!